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Dentistry and Fighter Planes - Amazing Link Makes Your Fillings Last Longer...

Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, by Graham Thomas

Most adults will need at least one Dental Filling in their lifetime.  The questions is - which type of filling is the best?

In the ninety's, Dentists began to use alternatives to Dental Amalgam...Composite Resin and Glass Ionomer Cement.  Composite Resin (CR) evolved from PLEXIGLASS which was developed to make windscreens for World War 11 aircraft.  While CR is incredibly strong and bonds well (sticks) to your tooth's enamel (the outside of your tooth) it does not bond well to your tooth's dentine (the inside of your tooth).

Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) on the other hand bonds very well to your tooth's dentine (inside) as well as enamel (outside), but is not as strong as Composite Resin.  GIC is calcium based and therefore therapeutic for teeth.

That's why I use a combination of both Composite Resin and Glass Ionomer Cement in fillings in a 'sandwich' technique. This lamination technique gives maximum strength and longevity.  Shrinkage of the CR as it sets was also an issue.  In 2000 I developed a cure 'through' technique to overcome this issue.  Teamed with Micro Abrasion (a very small sandblaster) to prepare your tooth's surface for maximum bonding strength (stick-ability) I am glad to say that many fillings I've place over the past 10 years or more look literally as good as new today.  They are lasting longer than we could have expected.

Amazing technologies (like Composite Resin -- developed to make WW11 aircraft windscreens and Micro Abrasion), teamed with Dental Techniques (like lamination and cure through) give you a healthier, stronger more attractive smile.


The Truth About Tooth Whitening

Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, by Graham Thomas

You're no doubt aware there are lots of different ways to whiten your teeth. But what you may not know is different whitening systems give different results, and carry different (sometimes serious) risks.

As we age, our teeth become more dense with calcium. This makes them darker in appearance. They also become stained from foods, and medicines we consume.

Many people try to 'scrub' their teeth whiter with toothpaste. Not only can this permanently damage your teeth, it has a limited whitening affect.

Some people try pharmacy or grocery store whitening systems. Again, many are disappointed with the limited results. Many also find these systems very inconvenient.  And some people suffer significant tooth sensitivity from the acidic peroxide chemicals.

The latest trend in tooth whitening is beautician or shopping centre whitening 'shops'.  A recent decision handed down in a magistrates court in Victoria against a beautician performing tooth whitening will probably signal the end of this illegal activity.

And lastly, there are Dentist Administered treatments including 'At- Home', 'In Chair' and 'Laser' Tooth Whitening.

We recommend Laser Whitening (be careful to not get this confused with generic In-Chair Systems) because it's the only system that uses an Alkaline (not acidic) peroxide base.  Not only does this produce reliable results, it does so without dehydrating your teeth.  When other systems 'suck the moisture out of your teeth' they appear whiter at first.  But they often 'bounce back' towards the original colour as your teeth rehydrate over a few days.

For a complete explanation, phone our surgery for a no obligation Free Tooth Whitening Consultation or google - Smartbleach.

Floss your way to healthier teeth

Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014, by Andrew Miller

For most people, dental flossing seems to be just another oral health regimen. Along with regular tooth brushing, it keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Then again, dentists now reiterate that the benefits of flossing daily can also go beyond just cleaning out those excess food particles.

Flossing can actually help you achieve a much brighter smile. Yes, there are a number of modern approaches when it comes to Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry. Then again, dentists say that using the dental floss is equally beneficial to your quest to have that sparkling white smile.

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The way that dental flossing aids in enhancing the appearance of your teeth, is by removing plaque and tartar. By flossing daily, you prevent the formation of these unwanted buildups and thus, protect your teeth from staining and discolouration.

Getting the most health value for your visit to the dentist

Posted on Tuesday, September 02, 2014, by Andrew Miller

In maintaining the optimum health of your teeth and gums, your dentist is your reliable partner, and as such, it is important that even if you brush and floss regularly, you should also make time to visit the dentist.

MyDentist  suggests that you should do so every six months, or more frequently,  especially if you have dental and oral health issues that need to be addressed.

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Visiting the dentist is an excellent opportunity for you to gain valuable insights on achieving and maintaining optimal dental and oral wellness.