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The Truth About Tooth Whitening

Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, by Graham Thomas

You're no doubt aware there are lots of different ways to whiten your teeth. But what you may not know is different whitening systems give different results, and carry different (sometimes serious) risks.

As we age, our teeth become more dense with calcium. This makes them darker in appearance. They also become stained from foods, and medicines we consume.

Many people try to 'scrub' their teeth whiter with toothpaste. Not only can this permanently damage your teeth, it has a limited whitening affect.

Some people try pharmacy or grocery store whitening systems. Again, many are disappointed with the limited results. Many also find these systems very inconvenient.  And some people suffer significant tooth sensitivity from the acidic peroxide chemicals.

The latest trend in tooth whitening is beautician or shopping centre whitening 'shops'.  A recent decision handed down in a magistrates court in Victoria against a beautician performing tooth whitening will probably signal the end of this illegal activity.

And lastly, there are Dentist Administered treatments including 'At- Home', 'In Chair' and 'Laser' Tooth Whitening.

We recommend Laser Whitening (be careful to not get this confused with generic In-Chair Systems) because it's the only system that uses an Alkaline (not acidic) peroxide base.  Not only does this produce reliable results, it does so without dehydrating your teeth.  When other systems 'suck the moisture out of your teeth' they appear whiter at first.  But they often 'bounce back' towards the original colour as your teeth rehydrate over a few days.

For a complete explanation, phone our surgery for a no obligation Free Tooth Whitening Consultation or google - Smartbleach.


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