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Help for Anxious Patients

relaxed coupleThe team at My Dentist welcomes people of all ages and levels of dental health. Even if you have felt nervous about your visits to the dentist in the past, we will strive to put you at ease and help you get through each procedure comfortably. With patience and a gentle touch, we’re confident that you will feel relaxed through your entire appointment.

If you require an extra measure, we’re happy to offer ‘Happy gas’ and sleep dentistry to assist you in feeling relaxed so that you can have your dental treatment completed.

Sedation Options Available

‘Happy gas’ is a form of sedation that is administered through a mask and gives a feeling of warm relaxation. It’s appropriate for children and adults and can be increased or decreased in amount as needed. It works rapidly and can be switched off immediately as soon as it’s not required, with the gas leaving your body just 3-5 minutes later.

There are no worries about you needing an escort home, either—you can drive yourself to and from your appointment and continue with your normal daily activities straightaway.

The side effects of inhalation sedation are minimal, though some people may feel nauseous after breathing it in. If you have a feeling of claustrophobia when wearing the mask, it may not be appropriate for you. 

Sleep Dentistry 

Another option for pain-free dental treatment is to have sleep dentistry, or intravenous (IV) sedation, available on-site at My Dentist. This advanced form of sedation involves a sedative and pain management drug that is given intravenously, which means it goes directly into your bloodstream. You’ll remain asleep and unaware of the procedure being performed. Its many advantages include that you won’t have any recollection of the sensations you experienced while your treatment was performed.


If you need help to overcome feelings of nervousness or anxiety at the dentist, please get in touch with us today. Our caring team can answer any questions you have to make your next dental appointment stress free.


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