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telehealth consultation

Don’t think that COVID-19 makes it impossible to get the dental care you need. At My Dentist, we are pleased to offer consultations over the phone, Zoom or FaceTime. Teledentistry may be right for you if

•    You are post-operative and have questions about your recovery
•    You are curious about cosmetic dentistry
•    You think you’re experiencing a dental emergency
•    You require a follow-up to a recent procedure

Who Should Use Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is ideal if you are unable come to our practice due to isolation, quarantine, or illness. It’s good for people who are members of vulnerable populations such as those over age 70, people who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, and pregnant women.

You can also use this service if you have a child under the age of one year, are being treated for a chronic health-related condition, or meet the current national triage protocol criteria for a suspected infection of COVID-19.

How We’ll Get Started

Call our practice to arrange a suitable time for the consultation.

At the allotted time, we will call you via phone, Zoom, or FaceTime to discuss your concerns. We can go over any treatment you’re interested in. If you have an emergency, you’ll get our best advice on how to handle your situation, which may include needing to come in for treatment.

The Details

Due to the limitations of teledentistry, our dentists can only give indicative diagnoses. A definitive diagnosis will require a face-to-face consultation and assessment. Please note that a service may only be provided by teledentistry where it is safe and clinically appropriate to do so.

Please take a video or photo of your tooth problem and send it to us before the appointment time. Any records about your issue are also helpful, including a complete medical history.

New Patient and Current Patient Information

If you have seen us in the last two years, this consultation is offered gap-free. New patients must pay an $80 fee before your appointment. You will have a receipt emailed to you that you can give to your health insurance for reimbursement.

Contact My Dentist now to schedule your teledentistry appointment!

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