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Dental Check-ups

Woman in dental chair looking in mirrorOur experienced team includes dental hygienists who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in matters relating to oral hygiene and health. Working together, our dentists and hygienists help patients to combat dental concerns whilst assisting patients to achieve a cleaner and fresher smile. They do this through performing comprehensive dental exams and hygiene assessments.

It is recommended that patients book an exam and hygiene appointment every 6 months, although this time frame may depend on each individual patient’s oral health care needs. For advice regarding your personalised treatment plan, please consult our dentist.

What Does an Exam and Hygiene Appointment Involve?

Our check-up and cleans (also known as an exam and hygiene appointment) begins with our team taking a thorough medical history of the patient. This is then followed by an intra and extra oral assessment, along with charting, checking airways and obtaining digital imaging (such as bite wing x-rays or OPG x-rays) if required.

We will then do a thorough and gentle clean around each tooth, as this boosts a patient’s oral hygiene and health by removing built-up plaque and staining.

Our bi-yearly hygiene assessments serve a vital role in the detection, treatment and prevention of dental disease. Our dentists also assess you for signs of periodontal (gum) disease, which if not detected soon enough, could lead to more complex issues down the line (including gum recession and tooth loss). At My Dentist, we believe that focusing on prevention (rather than cure) is the key to perfect health.

It is important to us that while you’re in our care, you have the most positive experience as possible. As such, we aim to make visiting the dentist a wonderful and fun time for all, particularly younger patients.

Book Your Check-up Today!

Scheduling regular dental check-ups at My Dentist is vital for achieving optimum oral health and greater wellbeing. To book your exam and hygiene appointment with our professional team, please contact 07 3356 3636 today.


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