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Holistic Dentistry at My Dentist

happy familyAt our practice, we aim to help patients of all walks of life get the care they’re looking for when they need it. We’re proud to offer a variety of services and techniques, including holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentistry is an approach to care that goes beyond just considering your dental needs—we’ll also take into account your emotions and physical health along the way. Simply put, we want to get you well and keep you well, naturally, while encompassing modern science and advanced techniques for care.

Instead of focusing on just curing a problem or oral disease, holistic dentistry looks to:

  • Incorporate proper nutritional habits for the prevention or reversal of a problematic oral disease
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and toxins in dental products or materials
  • Handle bite problems (dental malocclusion) by addressing the physical imbalance
  • Treat or prevent gum disease by addressing the biological basis of the condition

A Natural Way of Dental Health

Dentists at My Dentist are SMART certified, meaning they have received special training for approaching dental treatments and services holistically.

When you choose us for your holistic dental needs, there are even more ways that we put your health first, including:

Holistic Dental Examinations

When you visit us for a holistic dental examination, we’ll look at you as a whole person, not just a mouth. We want to get to know your entire health history, presenting complaints and what your overall wellness goals are. We’ll also check the health and function of your jaw, check for oral cancer, airway troubles or sleep problems, and of course look for tooth decay, plaque buildup or gum problems.

If you’d like, we happily work with your other doctors and wellness team to develop a care plan perfect for your needs.

X-Ray Minimisation

In our practice, we offer digital X-ray technology, which reduces radiation exposure by 80-90% when compared to traditional X-rays. There’s also no need to develop digital X-rays, which eliminates the need for harmful waste including lead foils.

Gentle and Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings contain a high concentration of mercury, which can be damaging to your health. Removing them requires a safe and efficient process. Our goal is to minimise your exposure to mercury upon removal, in which we’ll take the following protocols—a rubber dam, separate oxygen supply to patients, high volume suction, filtration system, and natural supplements before the filling is removed.

To replace your filling, we’ll use only the best biocompatible materials, like white fillings which are BPA and HEMA free composites.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When you visit us for a cosmetic dental treatment, we’ll always incorporate materials that are non-toxic and natural to help maintain your wellness. Our ceramic implants, ZERAMEX, are 100% metal free, as our fillings done in the practice. Our products are just as natural as your smile is beautiful!

Integrative and Early Intervention Orthodontics

For patients seeking a straighter, functional smile, we’re happy to offer clear aligner treatment. This requires absolutely no pain medication or toxic materials. Often, orthodontic treatment will also help improve the overall function of the mouth—including your airways and alignment of the body.

Learn more here >>

Infant Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment

Tongue ties can affect individuals of all age groups, especially infants. Often times, this leads to breastfeeding struggles. We’re happy to offer minimally-invasive laser treatments that can correct the problem in just one practice visit. Learn more here >>

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

A member of the Australasian Sleep Association, Dr Khalid is proud to bring solutions to patients of all walks of life who struggle with snoring and sleep apnoea. We proudly work with you to determine your needs and offer solutions including an oral appliance, which is 100% medication free. Learn more here>>

Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

For patients who are nervous to visit us due to dental phobia or anxiety, we offer several natural ways to bringing them the services they need without the use of typical medications. Learn more here>>

Learn More Today

Ready to find out how our approach to dentistry can help you maintain your oral health? We’d love to see you in our practice soon.

Contact us today to get started. We look forward to meeting you.


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