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Sleep Dentistry

Helping Anxious Patients

Young couple smilingAt My Dentist, our caring team understand that visiting the dentist may be a nerve-wrecking experience for some patients. Because we offer personalised and one-on-one care, we can recognise when a patient may be suffering from heightened anxiety or dental phobia. We never want this fear to prevent a patient from seeking the dental care they require, nor should it negatively impact their oral health and hygiene. This is why we have a number of pain management and sedation methods on-hand. Additionally, we’re always here to offer reassurance, kindness, and the highest quality of care that you would expect from a reputable dental practice.

Sleep Dentistry in Alderley

Our various sedation methods allow us to perform dental procedures whilst the patient is in a highly relaxed or sedative state, helping them to feel comfortable and pain-free during treatment. Additionally, it also helps the patient to undergo procedures without feeling overwhelmingly stressed or anxious, therefore helping them to have a positive experience whilst seeking dental care. Our highly-trained team are qualified to administer inhalation sedation (happy gas) and IV sedation in-house, depending on the level of sedation required. This also means that more complex procedures or surgeries can be carried out in the comfort of our own practice, rather than making the patient visit off-site locations for treatment. IV sedation (also known as sleep dentistry) is one of the most advanced forms of sedation available. It involves administering a combination of sedative and pain management drugs intravenously (i.e. into the bloodstream). Happy gas, on the other hand, is inhaled through a mask placed gently over the mouth and nose. It causes the patient to become extremely relaxed, yet still fully conscious.

Want to Learn More?

If you wish to find out more about our range of sedation methods, or even how we can help you overcome or manage your dental anxiety, please get in touch today. Our caring and friendly team look forward to assisting you with your oral health care journey! CONTACT US

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